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Today is all about…July 2021

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It may be late to the party, but ‘Freedom Day’ has finally arrived. Granted it was always going to happen in July, but the fanfare we’d expected was more a dud party popper!

Against the scientist’s advice (which Bojo always listens to…supposedly), the government decided not to delay by a few weeks. This would have helped get further people vaccinated, and help with the number of cases that was continuing to grow.

I understand that we have to move on eventually and just ‘live with it’, but the government’s approach was more ‘fuck it’ than anything else. And that’s the concern I have got.

I’m in no rush to go back out. Fact is, I don’t know if I really want to go back out. Lockdown has made it clear that some friendships aren’t the same anymore. Plus, I’m getting too old for this shite!

And what do we as a country do in the 1st 24 hours in July of restrictions being eased? We get absolutely smashed. And you know what? Why, the fuck, not?

You’ve got to love the village idiots that are out there. Instead of celebrating restrictions being eased, they spent their ‘Freedom Day’ protesting about the lockdown…that no longer fucking exists!

While I am left wondering why their mum didn’t swallow, I am also curious to know how long this feeble investment into politics will last. Because I can guarantee that their two brain cells will forget about everything once the latest shiny object is waved in front of them!

Monthly Thought: Good Friends

Initially, I wasn’t going to do a monthly thought as I was struggling to remember any of my ramblings from July. However, something happened recently that kind of cemented my thoughts over the last few months.

I’ve written before about the friendship and the hope that people understood me and the hope that lockdown doesn’t affect that.

As I have mentioned above, I do feel like lockdown has affected a few friendships, but some of those will mend. Sadly, others won’t!

It’s got to be said, that I have good set of friends out there regardless of the circumstances they will always be there. I have also learnt, where I thought someone was a good friend…clearly never was!

Look, we all make mistakes. No one is perfect! And I won’t lie mistakes were made, and I apologise for that. I would do it in person, but they’ve never wanted to discuss it with me!

The way, I handled the whole situation (prior to July) wasn’t the best, but I truly felt I was doing the right thing at the time. I was trying to prevent a past incident (with someone else) from happening again. I was trying to learn from past incidents…and it failed. It well and truly backfired!

Instead, the reaction that I got triggered the whole bad experience from the previous incident, and I won’t lie, I became very conscious/sensitive of everything because I was reliving the past. The one thing that I was trying to prevent. And failed!

The simple fact is if it wasn’t for lockdown this whole incident wouldn’t have happened because I felt too anxious to have more than 6 at the house during the pandemic! To clarify for the room, it was me that explicitly asked for the ‘rule of six’ not to be broken because I didn’t want to feel crowded.

Don’t get me wrong, I have broken the rules occasionally, but this was one that I wasn’t ready to break. There were very long conversations with the husby, but I wasn’t prepared to let it happen. Maybe I should have just forfeited my mental health then, instead of having to deal with it all now! The damage would have been less as well. You’re damned if you do. You’re damned if you don’t.

What is a good friend?

A good friend would reach out and try and sort issues out. Friends argue, and while you may not always agree on everything being able able to chat and sort through everything bond stronger.

A good friend would never put you in a position where you feel uncomfortable, especially in your own home.

A good friend would understand your anxiety especially throughout lockdown. Not shut you down for having a different opinion to theirs. Or place you in a position of refusing an invitation and getting annoyed because you said no!

A good friend would talk to you about the situation, instead of telling stories/misinformation to others, and in the long run creating animosity throughout the friendship group.

A good friend wouldn’t put friends within the social group into a position where they have to take sides.

A good friend, would not make a weak excuse not to come to events when their actions the next day proved it was a load of lies.

A good friend does not give you the impression that everything was getting better, to then gradually remove/block you on all social media and ghost you!

So yeah, that happened! I’m shocked and saddened that what I felt was a good friend…was far from the truth.

Facebook defriend

I have always said, that if I defriended you from Facebook, I honestly believe that our differences are so different, that there is no point in retaining a friendship (of sorts).

And while I don’t actively use it as much anymore, I still pop on every so often to see what is happening.

And depending on how well I know you, would also depend on how quicker it would take to hit the unfollow button. The one thing I wouldn’t do, is unfollow someone because I have had my feelings hurt!

And my philosophy works the other way. If I am unfriended, that person thinks the same. So there is no coming back from that! Although we’re now in a situation where we have mutual friends, will likely be at the same place and I don’t want that animosity to go through the group.

So, as a good friend, I aim to minimise the bad atmosphere between our mutual friends. I have no intentions of speaking about the situation with them because I feel the mature thing would be to try and keep them out of it as much as possible.

The door is open to having a conversation. Even if it’s just to make it bearable for our good friends when we are all out together. Because that will happen!

This month talking points

Nipple Piercing

Showing nipples that are pierced

Several years back, when we were allowed to visit countries, a friend and I agreed that we would get our nipples pierced. Alas, it didn’t happen.

In fact, these conversations continue to happen throughout the years, but nothing came to fruitition…until now.

July, has finally seen this happen. Along with my twisted sisters, we went to pierce the nip. I am now symetrical as my left nipple has now been pierced.

It may have took a while, but we finally got there. Also, I can’t remember my other nipple piercing being painful as this one. Granted it was over 18 years ago.

Disclaimer: I purposely asked for my nipple to be on a slant, so it matched the other. This was not an error by this piercer. He wanted me to make sure people knew the truth. lol

July is back to Box Fitness

Weights on a barbell

July also saw me return back to the gym, after what felt like a century away.

As much as I have a love/hate relationship with running, and it has helped me lose some of the lockdown padding; I’m glad to be back. Granted, I am still questioning my life choices even more.

And like the hell that is box fitness, my return back was greeted by my arch nemesis – overhead squats!

In all seriousness, it’s been great to be back, and seeing some of the old faces again.

Let’s hope that this return will help remove the final fat and get the body retoned.

Tattoo #11

Celtic owl tattoo done in July 2021

If anything can said about July, it is fair to say it’s a month where I was marked.

As well as the piercing at the beginning of the month, I also got my skin marked with my 11th tattoo.

Continuing with the Celtic theme, I have decided to extend the zoo that I have on my arm by adding an owl. It fitted the largest space perfectly.

There are a few small pieces left that will fill in the remaining spaces. But once they are done, the next stage is the shadowing to make it look. like a proper sleeve.

Again, thanks to Gaz for drawing on me.

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