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Today is all about…June 2020

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It is around this time every year that I become a little lacklustre with the blogs, but I am gonna try and catch-up. To do this, I’m dropping the June ‘thought’ blog. And next month’s too. We will see what happens from there.

Thought of the month: Racism

At the end of May, George Floyd was killed by a police officer, which saw the aftermath carry on into June…and the ripples are still being felt now.

I want to write a blog about racism, however I have so many thoughts going on that I am struggling to structure and write something coherently.

So I want to take a little extra time, to try and sort out that and write something that the subject truly deserves.

But the be all and end all…black lives matter. We can not continue to put people down and treat them differently because of the colour of their skin.

Boris Johnson said that the UK is not a ‘Racist country’. Well, that is absolute bollocks! But of course he would say that…because he is racist himself!!!

This is a guy who said he wouldn’t take the knee to support the BLM movement, because he doesn’t believe in gestures, but is happy enough to stand on his doorstep and clap the NHS!

The UK does have racism, and we need to sort it out!

Music is all about…Pride

As June is Pride Month, I thought I’d put together a playlist of some of the LGBT+ artists.

I’ve added a mixture of classics, some of my faves and a mixture who’s songs I came across during creating this playlist.

Taking into account mu thought of the month, I’ve purposely included LGBT+ artists who are also POC, because quite frankly racism also exists in our ‘community’, and this is something that I have spoken out about before.

We need to celebrate and applaud these artists, just as much as we do out white counterparts

So enjoy June’s playlist:

This month’s highlights

Lockdown Easing

After nearly two months in lockdown, the UK announced they were going to start easing restrictions. The announcement, of course, had nothing to do with trying to bury the Dominic Cummings drama a few days before. ๐Ÿค”

I’ll be honest, after all the Cummings drama, my opinion of the lockdown was ‘fuck it!’. The same as many other people. However this announcement just meant that it was no longer illegal to meet people.

It was great to sit in our gardens with the neighbours, instead of doing over-the-fence exchanges. It was great to have drinks and BBQ’s with friends. More importantly, to see my family who I missed so much.

It’s nice that some normality is coming out of this.

Garden Update #2

When we bought the house, I have always said that I wanted decking. We agreed, due to finance, that we would look at adding this as part of phase 2.

However, with lockdown and feeling overpowered by the plant invasion (I’m not a plant person), we decided to tackle it now.

With a few friends we built the new decking and I absolutely love it. It feels like the garden is bigger. Maybe because the social space is now set.

Next house project is either the loft, or the carpets.

June’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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