Today is all about…March 2019

March has been an interesting month. It’s been full of good times, but equally, it’s been full of not so good. We all deal with challenges in different ways, but all are valid…in moderation of course. Although, this doesn’t mean I am endorsing attacking people as a suitable defence mechanism.

At the end of last month, someone I’ve known for around 18 years passed away. There isn’t much that I can say that his friends haven’t said before.

While Tony and I weren’t close, we have spent many-a-times together on the dancefloor, whether that be at Essential, Federation or Aftershock! These are memories that I will always remember, and Tony will be missed by all that knew him.

Instead of a wake, a celebration was had for Tony. And it was a celebration to remember. Everyone danced the night away, to the music we’ve all probably had a boogie with him at least once on the dancefloor.

But it did get me thinking, as these type of things do, that when my time comes then I want to be celebrated like this. No wake, just everyone I know and love dancing and laughing.

Additionally, this month we also said goodbye to one of our cats, Tubbs.

The old girl hadn’t been well for a while, but we wanted to get her to the new house, so she could enjoy the garden for a while.

And while did she improve for a little bit, we started to notice that she was deteriorate again, and her back legs where going. So we made the difficult, but right decision to put her to sleep.

At the age of 18, 14 of those spent with us, Tubbs did have a good innings for a cat. And not having her in the home has definitely changed the home dynamic. Her snuggled will be greatly missed.

While she is ‘only a cat’, she was part of our family!

However, let’s end on a happier note. At the end of last year, I was given the good news that my niece is expecting her first child. Obviously with it being early, it wasn’t announced until recently. This month it was the gender reveal.

As with every pregnancy, people like to have a guess of the sex. I guessed that it would be a boy. And I was right!

My niece would have been happy with either sex, as long the bairn was healthy, and would never confirm a preference. Although I do think, she was happy to be having a boy, as she announced that she already picked a name…he is going to be named after her dad, Robb.

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