Today is all about…May 2019

May’s thought of the month

Moving into the new house at the end of last year, we knew that we needed to take steps to cat-proof the house, as Maki would like to go on his little adventures. Being part Bengal people would try and steal him, and also living near some main roads, we couldn’t risk him going awol or getting knocked over.

We added a vestibule, so he couldn’t dash out of the front door. We also put cat-proof up in the garden so he had the flexibility to enjoy the garden, without escaping. However, that didn’t stop Maki and his wee adventures, and on a number of occasions has been able to escape.

This meant that our focus was on him and his escapades, that we didn’t notice that Todd walked out of the house unnoticed. Cue 2 days of panic and guilt, until he was found again!

It got me thinking, that we all have a habit of doing this. When it is obvious, we know when to help people, but sometimes we don’t always see those that really need help.

We all know people who hide their true feelings, not wanting to open up and hiding behind a smile. We think they’re okay, so our attention goes to those that we can see are struggling. But the signs are there, and occasionally their guard slips.

So while you have your focus on those that need help, just keep an eye on those that don’t look like they do…because, just maybe, they do.

Thanks to my besties for noticing when my guard slips. They don’t pry, as I don’t generally want to talk about my feelings, but they show and provide the support if and when needed.

May’s activities

May saw a reduction in the number of nights out. In fact, we only went out at the beginning of the month. Instead, we spent a lot of time in with friends. That didn’t mean that it didn’t get messy though. But good memories were made with our friends and families.

We also, after 6 months living in the house, finished the garden. The garden furniture has been bought, and the last of the gravel has been laid. Just in time for the house warming in June.

The husby has done an amazing job on the garden, and looks like it’s been like this for years, not months. It is hard to think that it was just grass when we moved in!

This month also saw, us try something new…going bowling!

I haven’t bowled for years. The last time was when we took the nephoes, and then the time before that I would have been in my teens when a group of friends used to go to 10 Pin Bowling in Pilsworth (which no longer exists).

However, Marc and Luke organise Gay City Bowlers, and it is something I wanted to go to for a while, but never really had the time or money. Although, the husby and I made the effort to go this month.

Believe it or not, putting me in new environments can be quite daunting and nerve-wracking. And while I knew the organisers (Luke was away with with work), that doesn’t minimise how I was feeling entering the venue.

However, there were a number of people I knew , so it eventually became a little easier. And to be fair, when the games started we got chatting with everyone and it really wasn’t as bad as my nerves made it out to b.

Taking into account that I am rusty at bowling, I did alright and came 3rd in both games. I got a few strikes, but I also scored nothing too. So swings and roundabouts really.

After bowling, there was a little bit of a social at Via, where drinks and food were consumed. Standard!

It was a really good night, and great to do something different than a standard night out drinking. I had a really good time, and will most likely give it a go again!

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