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Today is all about…May 2020

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I’m still playing catching with the ‘Today is all about’ blogs, so bare with. But at least I have got May out the way now.

Thought of the month: Friends

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes. Is it wrong to treat all friends the way you expect them to be?

After seeing a few social posts where you find out who your real friends are during the lockdown, because they’ll be contacting you all the time.

So it got me thinking, as I don’t generally instigate conversations with friends, does that make me a bad friend?

Music is all about…Kylie Duets

May is St Kylie of the Minogue’s birthday month. So it felt only right that this month’s playlist would be dedication to Kylie Minogue.

They playlist consists the majority of the duets that Kylie has done. Some are questionable to say the least. Also, I decided not to include the majority of er Christmas songs, because quite frankly, I’m not a fan!

So enjoy May’s playlist:

This month’s highlights


I decided to take a break from Facebook this month because I needed a break from some of the shite I was seeing constantly.

Facebook, to me, is about friends and family. We all have difference of opinions and I respect that. However the deliverance of this message became an issue.

There were a number of instances, from both political camps that didn’t sit right with me.

As I said in my final post, these were my thoughts:

  1. You can criticise decisions being made without being aggressive.
  2. You can criticise the party you support. You don’t have to defend everything they do as correct.
  3. You can agree to something that a party, you don’t support, does. It doesn’t mean you now support them.
  4. You can get your point across without being a dick about it!

I’m a political person, I won’t deny that. However, I hope that I’m more mature and delivered in a well thought out way. And I steer more of that conversation to my Twitter account.


May was also the first time that I saw some of my friends physically for the first time since lockdown.

It was so weird, but in a good way. It was something that I really needed.

When shit hit the fan with Dominic Cummings not adhering to the rules that he actually set up, it wasn’t long after that lockdown rules were eased.

I’m sure it was purely a coincidence of the time, and it had nothing to do with trying to cover up the bad news. I mean we were technically hadn’t met all the requirements that the government set out before they would allow lockdown easing!


As I mentioned last month, I’ve been very lacklustre when it comes to fitness.

So I decided that I would try and get back into exercising before my gym re-opens.

My gym had been organising Zoom sessions, so I started attending. It was great getting back to box fitness, but it’s clear that the break away has affected my health.

It’s not the same as being at the gym, especially as I don’t have all the equipment! Plus it’s not the same working out on my own.

Maybe I need to look at other ways to improve my fitness as well. This lockdown padding will need more than a few weights being thrown around before it disappears.

May’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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