The husby and I wearing face masks while waiting to have out covid jab

Today is all about…May 2021

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April showers definitely didn’t get the memo that the month had ended. In return for the showers not fucking off when it was meant to, May ended up being one of the wettest on record!

Monthly Thought: CBA

For me, May was sponsored proudly by a severe case of CBA! So much so, all aspects were affected by this wee fucktard. So much so, I couldn’t even be arsed to think about a monthly thought.

I’m not sure why I had no mojo, but it appeared to just creep up and slap me across the face several times. Could it be the weather? Stress at work? My anxiety just being my anxiety. Or a combination of all?

Do other people get like this? Where they just can’t be arse for with anything for days/weeks? Honestly, I would have been happy just to stay in bed and do fuck all! Maybe it would have easier to deal with as well.

We all have shit times, and sometimes it’s easy to shake it off. Other’s it just isn’t.

May was a hard month for me, because I just couldn’t shake it off. Although I want to learn from it, reflect and see how I can improve to break that cycle.

What I’d noticed is that I wasn’t fully invested in using my daily planner. I wasn’t setting proper goals and achieving them. I couldn’t be arsed to set goals, and in return I really just couldn’t be arsed!

So my challenge is to push myself to make sure that I provide the required time to set the goals to achieve.

This month talking points

Catch up with friends

Taken use of the relaxed lockdown rules, we’ve used this to meet up with friends.

This has been really nice, and at the same time still challenging. I’ve been thankful, that I’ve been in positions (the majority of the time) where I can take myself away for a break if I needed to.

I’m still very conscious and anxious around people but I’m slowly getting better.

I’m also still not ready to venture ‘out out’, as I don’t have my safety net.

It’s so weird that I feel like this. It’s not about Covid, as I am now fully vaccinated.

Could it be large groups? Spending the majority of the past 1½ years just the two of us, I’ve reverted quite comfortably into my introvert personality.

2nd Covid jab with a side of casual homophobia

At the beginning of May, the husby and I got our 2nd Covid vaccination. Yay!

When we arrived, the queue was huge! We thought that we would be late for our appointment as it wasn’t moving. Only to realise that these were the drop-in appointments. So, we could jump to a much smaller queue.

As per the first time, the process to go in and out was very well organised and I can’t fault the work that the NHS team are doing. When we checked in, we were told that we could go together for the jab.

When we got to the person who takes our details before the vaccine, it got a little frustrating.

After providing our names, they looked at us and asked “So, your brothers?”

I responded “No, we’re partners”, while the husby clarified “We’re married”. We never thought much of it, we’ve made it clear and hopefully they’ve learnt from it

When they were inputting the husby’s details, and adding the emergency details and relationship, they asked “So, I should put you down as mates?”

“No. Married!” I retorted.

Really? I don’t understand why this was so difficult. Do they have issues with the gays? Don’t agree with gays getting married? Or was it just a honest mistake…that they did twice?

These people are volunteers, and are doing a great job supporting the vaccine roll-out. And I’m not tarring everyone with the one individual’s attitude.

Generally, the whole experience I had was good. Although, I never got a vaccinated sticker either times. And I feel cheated!

Fitness – Or lack of it!

There is going to be an underlying theme with May. It’s called CBA!!!

For months, I’ve gone on daily walks, and I’ve been running a couple of times a week slowly increasing the distance. Everything was helping lose the lockdown-padding that I collected.

However, with Mother Nature deciding to piss all over my parade, my exercise reduced drastically, to nearly non-exsistent.

I did think about doing some sort of exercise at home, but it never really got past the thinking phase. You know, because of the no mojo!

I definitely want to make sure that my fitness improves in June, otherwise I’ll start regaining weight instead of losing it!

Make a house a home – Kitchen update

When we bought the house, we always thought that the kitch was too white.

Through the years we’ve slowly started to rectify that, by making well needed improvements.

We replaced the flooring to a darker more durable option. We added a breakfast bar with a contrasting counter top, and additional stopping. Finally, we added a splash of colour to the walls.

However, there was one job that was on the list, that we finally tackled this May. We added a splashback.

Gone is the useless wooden beam, was more for decoration and to cover mistakes instead of functionality. Now we’ve replaced it with grey tiles, and I absolutely love it.

The kitchen is NOW finished. Unless we decide to do a full overhaul, there is nothing else left to do.

Apart from the loft that is booked in, the next big job on the house list is to have the carpets replaced.

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