Today is all about…November 2018

I think it is fair to say that November has been a great month for the husby and me, if not a little hectic as well!

This month started with us completing contracts on our new home. This has been nearly 4 months since the offer was placed, but finally everything is complete and we’re ready for out next chapter.

The plan for this month was to get as much decorating and any changes we wanted completed before we move in.

Our good friend, Lawrence (aka Keenan Painter and Decorator), has completed the majority of the decorating throughout the house. If you have seen our attempts at decorating, you will understand why it was important that we got a professional in. Plus, he was able to complete it a lot quicker than we could. I would probably still be trying to put the first strip of wallpaper on the wall if I tried.

Throughout the month, we started to move a lot of the boxes meaning that we would have less to do on the big day.

Probably the most stressful part of the moving experience was having to buy a new sofa, as the old one would literally be the only piece of furniture we could have in the living room. After a few bickering moments, an agreement was made on the sofa and normality resumed at the Dalgarno-Holt residence…for at least 24 hours!

The two biggest things that we’ve done to the house is the garden and adding a vestibule.

The garden is definitely a work in progress, but the majority of it’s been painted and a shed has been added. We’ve also added a cat fence, so cats can go in the garden without escaping. Let’s just say it is very clear to the neighbours that we’ve arrived!!!

The garden is a huge project that we’ll be working on throughout the beginning of 2019. Well, what would you expect from a husband that is a gardener? Until that is complete, there will be no house-warming party, sorry folks.

As Maki, the Greek cat that we adopted, has a habit of running in/out of rooms as soon as you open the door, we needed to add a vestibule to the front door to prevent him from running onto the main street.

There are still some finishing touches that need to be done, but I have to say that I’m happy with the end results. Thank you to my father-in-law, the real-life Bob the Builder.

During all of the house malarkey, November also saw us head to Gran Canaria for Winter Pride.

The plan was to arrive, mid-pride have a mad couple of days and then use the rest of the week to have a relaxing time. Lets just say, that didn’t happen! We just carried on the partying!

There was a number of events that we decided we would honour with our presence that were on throughout the pride event.

The first was an event called the T-Party, which is basically ½ dressed men (and women) at a bar dancing and drinking in the sun.

At first, I felt a little out of place, but as the day went on and the alcohol level increased I had a total blast and was chatting to loads of people.

The next day, we went to the foam party, which was basically held in the Yumbo square and the foam being sprayed over everyone. Well I suppose that is one way to clean the floor in the square!

I went in a couple of times at the beginning, but spent most of the time just watching from the sides as it was a little overcast and a little cold when wet!

The following day was the Winter Pride Parade. We spent the beginning of the day at the beach for the German festival, and then went to the starting point for the parade.

The parade is basically, all the gays following a bus from the beach to the Yumbo centre. It definitely isn’t the type of parades that I have been used to, however, a good time was had. Everyone was just up for a laugh. A lot of the people were dressed up for the occasion, we were wearing harnesses and grass skirts. Standard attire really!

The nights out were fantastic, if not a little messy; some were more memorable than others and all for different reasons! However, the stories from the nights out, are best not to be repeated.

While I have been to Gran Canaria a few times now, I’ve never done any of their prides (they have a lot of them). But, I absolutely loved Winter Pride, which was made special by friends old and new.

At times it did feel like I was still in Manchester (with some sun), as our week was like a conveyor belt of Manchester peeps on nights out.

We plan to do Winter Pride again next year, this time having a little longer break. Gawd help us…or should that be Gran Canaria?

November’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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