Today is all about…November 2019

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As with the previous ‘Today is all about‘ posts, I am going to keep November’s quick.

Which is a shame really as I did have a monthly thought to discuss. However, I’m sure it can keep, and I may discuss again in the future.

November Activities

Gran Canaria

For the 2nd year running, we have returned to Gran Canaria for Winter Pride. This time there was more of us!

We had a great time, even if there was a bit of drama. I mean, when isn’t there? We also caught up with some of the friendly faces from last year, which was brill.

We did a few parties including Wet & White which was fab. A great venue, music was on form and everyone was having a great time. Although the prices were a little OTT!

As we loved T-Dance from last year, we thought we’d go again. Trust us, it was not as good as the previous. Didn’t suit the venue (not enough space), queues were excessive, ran out of vodka at one stage and as drinks had to be purchased by tickets you lost any money if you didn’t use them all!!!

We also did the Winter Pride Parade again, this time we were all dressed as Gaywatch lifesavers. It was great to do, but by Gawd, it takes ages to get to the final destination, I was nearly doing a Paula Radcliffe and having a piss in the gutter!

After Winter Pride ended we spent the rest of the holiday relaxing and basically doing nothing. Which was definitely needed.

Roll on next year!!!

David & Carl’s Wedding

Another month, another wedding. This time it was David & Carl’s.

I love these two guys to bits and have spent many a time with them dancing the night away, or getting overdosed on Skittle Bombs at Sunday Service. I blame you, David!

The day was beautiful (even with David crying the whole way through – bless him!), and we have a lovely meal at Richmond Tea Rooms. It was great to share this happy moment with them.

As with my previous sentiments, I hope that you both have many happy years together. And Carl, I hope you can reel David in…sometimes! 😉

November’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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