Me wearing a Kylie T-Shirt, drinking from a Kylie Mug, listening to Kylie

Today is all about…November 2020

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For those that are not privy to UK history, during the beginning of November, we celebrate Bonfire Night, which is just basically an excuse to set of fireworks, and just a Guy Fawkes on top of a bonfire, and watch it burn.

It does seem a little weird, that we celebrate a guy who tried to blow up parliament. Flash forward to today, and if Guy Fawkes was here now, then he’d probably have more helpers to try and rid the UK of its inept government!

Thought of the month: Is 2020 trying to heal itself?

We can all agree that 2020 has been a shit year, and I am so grateful that it’s nearly over.

However, is 2020 trying to make amends just before the curtains close on the year.

Exhibit A: Donald Trump

So as much as the narcissistic eejit is denying it, he has lost his presidency.

This is a guy, who has spent months spreading misinformation propaganda to his Lemmings, who all sucked it up like a sponge! Knowing that Democrats were pushing for people to postal vote for their own safety.

So when the votes were officially announced, the ‘I told you so’ rhetoric played like no tomorrow. And he’s like a broken record still saying this while providing NO actual evidence to the courts!

He and his minions are on a campaign of misinformation, which they’ve basically done throughout his term in power. And he does what he does best, spew lies over social media, while his ‘lawyers’ raise and lose case-by-case in the course.

Fact is, come next year when Biden is in power, Trump will most likely walk away unscathed, as he’s likely to pardon himself and his ass-lickers! The question is, if Trump and co had done everything legally, why are they all being pardoned?

But here is a nice sweet thing to take away from this. With the loss of power, comes the loss of protection on some social media platforms. So 2021 could start with Trump and his motley crew being banned…and fact is, this is likely to piss him off more than anything!

Exhibit B: Covid Vaccine

The good news kept on coming, still not over the fact that Trumpy is lost, we were told the one of the Covid vaccines were given the all clear, and can be rolled out.

Then before we could try and celebrate the good news, while simultaneously not trying to get our hopes out, another vaccine was announced, and another.

These vaccines are like fucking buses, nothing for ages and then 3 come at once!

So as we leave 2020, people are starting to get vaccinated, which is excellent. So the beginning of 2021 is looking promising, and finally feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel!

And for those anti-vaxxers; if you don’t want the vaccine that’s your prerogative. But you can talk your conspiracy theories and fuck off!!!

I’m honestly going to listen to the scientists on this one. Not Doris who got her Facebook degree from the back of a fag packet!

If you don’t want to have it because you don’t know what is in it, but you’ll happily snort a bag of fuck knows every weekend…then you’re a hypocrite.

Or your scared that Bill Gates or the government are using this to microchip you and track every move, yet are willing to blurt your whole life story out on social medium to every Tom, Dick and Harry…then you’re a hypocrite.

If you've ever eaten from here (McTucky's Takeaway) you don't need to worry about whats in the caccine

At the end of the day, you do you, but spouting shite like this is the reason why people call you an uneducated dick!

Exhibit C: Kylie

November also saw Kylie’s 15th studio album released, to cheers of gays and glitter!

Personally, I love the album. There isn’t a song that is weak, and it’s been on repeat since it was released.

On top of a new album, we also got an online gig to enjoy as well. It’s not the same as an actual gig, but it’s better than nothing!

Granted, not all the gays felt saved from St Kylie of the Minogue. Although the other Divas (Gaga, Grande, Little Mix, Swift) all released new music to help them along.

And for the Mariah Carey fans, they are celebrating that ‘All I Want for Christmas’ has finally reached #1 in the charts

Music is all about…Disco

To celebrate the release of Kylie’s new disco album, it only seemed fitting that November’s playlist should be disco themed.

So this month’s playlist has Kylie’s Disco album mixed with some great disco classics.

This month’s highlights

Maki’s asthma

As Maki’s steroids are wearing off, we started practicing with the inhaler, to get him ready for when he needs to start using it.

It’s been a struggle at times, especially when we first started using it. However, we have a routine in place, that appears to suit all.

Maki now knows when his inhaler is due. He is either in the mood or not. But he knows that he gets a treat after his medicine, so he behaves.

Squeebs also knows when it’s medicine time for Maki, so she heads to her spot waiting for her treats because Maki was good.

What’s also good, is that this used to be a two-man job. Now either of us can do it on our own. So I see this as a massive achievement.

Kylie Disco

In case you didn’t know or I haven’t spoken about it enough during this blog, Kylie has a new album out. It has literally been an integral part of November for me.

The album has been on continuous play since it’s release. Then had a chilled evening watching her Infinite Disco show. A few autographs were collected, framed and hung on the wall.

But for those eagled-eyed peeps who see my photos daily, will have noticed that the track titles were used for some of the photo captions.

More decorating

This month we should have been in Gran Canaria, laying by the pool and chilling. Alas, lockdown 2.0 happened and out holiday was cancelled.

So instead, we spent some of our free time painting the downstairs bog!

It was just a small job, to give the space some colour. Given the spare time that we had, seemed like a good time to do it.

The next work that needs to be done on the house, is mainly big ‘get people in’ tasks. Looking forward to getting some of them done in the new year.

November’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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