Today is all about…October 2018

As I stated previously, it has been a busy few months, so I’m a little behind on the monthly catch ups, but October has definitely been a good month.

This month started off with a bang…by attending Kylie’s Golden tour. With so much on, I wasn’t really getting excited for it. Obviously, when the day arrive, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

If I am honest, it wasn’t her best gig. To be fair, Kylie has done some cracking shows to compete with. On the other hand, it wasn’t her worst either.

Kylie’s voice, although good was also a little patchy in places. Although I think this can be explained by the fact that she wasn’t well and cancelled some dates, so I’ll let her off.

At the end of the day, I have a great time. Roll on the next one!

My inner child made an appearance this month. To be fair, my inner child is always making an appearance and getting me into trouble.

This month, inner child Mike was a happy boy as he got to go to Disneyland Paris for Magical Pride.

First time at Disneyland, and an amazing time was had, which you can read more about on my other blog about it.

I’ve been known to have a few mishaps when I’ve had a bit to drink; and this month is no exception.

While walking home from a night out, I may of (well, I did) walked into a pillar and split my eye open! This led to me having a fantastic black eye for over a week.

There was a risk that I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyebrow piercing, as this was what took the majority of the force. Luckily, with a little bit of perseverance I was able to put it back in.

I would like to say that I have since learnt from this lesson, but the chances are I haven’t!

Finally, I am generally not a fan of fancy dress, because I don’t always want to make myself look like a tit. However, I am starting to embrace this, and let my hair down. Obviously, this isn’t figuratively speaking.

After my last attempt of fancy dress for Eurovision, I decided that I would go full out for Halloween, and dressed up as dead Dorothy.

The main night out for fancy dress over the Halloween weekend, is generally the Saturday, however we decided to go out on the Friday instead.

There were still a few people out in Fancy dress, I even had a face-to-face with another Dorothy, and we had a good time. Although, by the end of the night we were the only two in fancy dress in the bar. Additionally, I was being chased by a perv, who appeared to have a ‘thing’ for zombies. So it probably wasn’t the best ending to the night.

On reflection, we should of gone out on the Saturday because:

  1. Majority of our friends were out
  2. This fancy dress was wasted for what turned out to be a quiet night

So next year we will be out on the Saturday instead, I better get my thinking cap on to suss out what next year’s outfit will be.

October’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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