Friends dressed up for Halloween

Today is all about…October 2019

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Like the previous ‘Today is all about‘ post, I’m going to also keep October’s one short and sweet so I can catch up on my blogs.

October Activities

Chad Brad & Gary’s Wedding

October saw two of our good friends, Brad & Gary, tie the know and join the married posé.

I’ve known these two separately for several years, and then they met each other and it was like love at first sight. It’s like one of those proper sick love stories. 😉

I love them both to bits and I hope that they have many happy years together.

P.S. The ‘Chad’ was due to the party having the wrong name down.


This Halloween I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go out. It was agreed that we’d be dressing up and going out on Friday (the quieter night), as we couldn’t do Saturday due to Sunday commitments.

Last year we went out on Friday, and as much as I enjoyed myself, I didn’t feel comfortable because at times we were the only ones dressed up. And I knew that I’d feel the same again this year.

However, as more of us were going out, I was coerced into it. No time for planning I decided to wear my Spiderman outfit. I mean, who doesn’t have one lying in the back of their wardrobe?

I did have a great time, and that was caused by the group that we were with. Although, again we were the only ones dressed up at times and it did feel a little weird.

As for the Spiderman outfit; well that went down a treat. I was getting a few compliments about my ass!

Next year, we definitely should be out on the Saturday, after all that’s when Halloween falls on!

October’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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