Today is all about…September 2018

It’s been a while, but it’s been a hectic few months, from which will become apparent, so I haven’t really had time to catch up on the blogs for my ‘Today is all about‘ project. So, let’s start off by catching up on September.

September saw me travelling a lot, whether for work or play. I made a couple of flying visits to Leeds for work. I have been trying to suss out whether or not I have been to Leeds before. I think I have, but only to go to a club night and then travelled back to Manchester. It was a long time ago, and I can’t really remember. It got me thinking, that a weekend in Leeds is required.

Also with work, we did an away day to Alton Towers. It’s been a long time since I had been here, but I do remember that queues were a pain (like any theme park). So to be provided with fast passes for the day really did help and we got on all the rides that we wanted in the time available.

We, well when I say ‘we’, I really mean me, as everyone else in the queue wasn’t getting the coach back to Manchester. I delayed the coach back to Manchester to make sure that I got on the latest attraction ride at Alton Towers…The Wickerman!

To be honest, I didn’t think that it would be that a big of a deal, and the hype surrounding it would make it better than I expected. I was wrong, The Wickerman is definitely one, if not the best ride at Alton Towers.

Finally, a group of us all made our way back to London for Bill’s stag do. Until this year, I hadn’t visited the capital in 18 years, and we are making our second appearance of the year. What happened?

It is fair to say that I had another fantastic weekend spending it with friends. And while it didn’t necessary go to plan, it actually worked out for the better.

I couldn’t end this month without mentioning the wedding of two of my good friends, Bill and Carl.

The whole day was such a fantastic event, where I saw two peeps whom I love dearly, make things all legal, and Carl make a good man of Bill. Okay, I can’t keep a straight face at that last bit!

Bill has this hard exterior, but inside he’s a proper softy. And he let his mask fall slightly that day. He cried and everything. Bless him! And he’ll hate me for say that as well.

September’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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