Today is all about…January 2018

So January of 2018 has come and finally gone; did anyone else think this month felt like 6? This time of year, things don’t generally change. People will quit smoking, go on a diet, join a gym or some other new year resolution.

One of the other common things is to do Dry January…this I don’t get. Okay, I understand those that do it because they want a detox after the previous month of partying hard. I just struggle at those that do it to raise money for charity. I mean, a lot of people are still pickled from December and skint until the end of the month when payday arrives. So doing Dry January isn’t really a challenge, is it? Now if you did Dry December, then I’m more likely going to sponsor you! 😉

As you can probably guess, I didn’t partake in Dry January. I most likely drank extra for those that were. The month was filled with birthdays, nights out and other shenanigans. It was meant to be a quiet night…that failed!

However, after a few weeks off over Christmas and new year, I finally got my fitness schedule back on track, and I’m enjoying it. Yep, I’m one of those sad peeps that likes the gym (well Crossfit). I’ve come back with the drive to improve my skills and strength. Hell, I even did a new year resolution thing…and bought some new gym gear.

January’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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