Today is all about…July 2016

July started off quite badly, with the husby being mugged of his bike and phone, and attending the funeral of Uncle Peter. Apart from that the month was generally, quite standard; Work, gym, friends and family.

Although, I did take in some history by having a tour of the beautiful London Road Fire Station before it is is finally restored and renovated. The building was beautiful, and the tour was great and full of personal stories. I am tempted to do some of the other Jonathan Schofield Manchester Tours.

I also attended Liverpool Pride for the first time. The feel of this event compared to other prides that I have been too (Manchester & Brighton) has a totally different feel to it. It felt more like a city event (which I don’t feel Manchester has for years), and family friendly. It was a good event, although I did go and do other things while there, such as catch up with my cousin José.

July’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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