Today is all about…June 2017


As well as the usual stuff, June was full of new things too.

Firstly a childhood dream of mine was to do the Crystal Maze, so when I found that a live experience of the show was coming to Manchester, I had to do it.

A group from work, and the husby all had a great time doing the Crystal Maze, but now that the show is back on television I feel like I need to do that now.

We also did the annual camping trip, this time with more gays and a dog. The dog was the best behaved out of the lot of us…just!

While the majority of went cycling on the cycling on Saturday, I decided to go into Buxton for a wander, shop and a play with Kenco (tho dog).

And guess what? I got burnt!

I haven’t canoed since school, so when work did an away day to canoe down the River Wye. I didn’t think I’d have as much fun as I would, but it was a great day out. I got wet and burnt…standard!!!

A special mention needs to go to Cruz 101, which celebrated its 25th birthday this month.

I vividly remember the time that I used to work at Cruz, especially during its 10th birthday. Additionally, I’ve had a lot of good nights in there too.

Happy birthday Cruz; here’s to a few more good years!

June’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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