Today is all about…March 2017

Where has the month gone? I think I may have slept through the majority of it, as it feels like it was just the beginning of March a couple of days back. Maybe it is because I am having fun?

March has seen me go all ‘luvvie darling’ by attending the theatre. Not once; not twice, but three times!

First, the Husby and I went to see one of our favourite musicals, Rent, at Liverpool Theatre. This was our togetherness anniversary present to each other.

The issue with holding a show in such a high regard, you can easily be disappointed if it doesn’t reach the standards you expect. For many, this should be getting high appraisals; but for me, while I still enjoyed the show, it wasn’t the best version of the production that I had seen. You can read my review of Rent here.

The second performance that I saw was ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ a pop-up performance by Northern Rep held within the Great Northern space.

This was probably the first time I have seen a Shakespeare play since leaving college. It’s also the first time where I have seen a show that didn’t have a stage. The performance was integrated within the whole space, and the audience followed them around.

This was really fascinating to watch, as it was a mixture of Shakespeare in a modern environment. Unless Shakespeare always intended to have a hen party carrying a huge blow-up willy as part of the show!

This was a totally different theatre experience that I am used to, but I did enjoy it. It did get confusing at times, which was a mixture of it being Shakespeare and sometimes difficult to keep up with the actors as they moved around the space mingling with the audience.

The final show that I saw, was a musical called ‘Yank’. This is a love story based in World War II. I hadn’t heard of the show until March, but all I was hearing was extremely positive things. I felt like I had to go and see what all the fuss was about, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is probably one of the best productions that I have seen in a long time. You can read my review of Yank here.

Another LGBT+ event that I went to in March was ‘Never Going Underground – The Fight for LGBT+ Rights‘. This special exhibition at The People’s History Museum was done to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act.

It explores and celebrates LGBT+ campaigners. It shows the development of the LGBT+ movement and the struggles felt along the way. It highlights the social and historical changes that have happened over the last 60 years, and how political parties have approached this.

We as a LGBT+ community in the UK, are far luckier than we were previously. Just look at the timeline wall, to see how far we have come and achieved, especially over the last decades. Although, the fights isn’t over, as we still have many challenges to overcome.

If anyone is in Manchester between now and 3rd September 2017, then plan a visit and go and see this exhibition. You don’t need to be LGBT+ to enjoy it.

Although, not everything has been hunky-dory. My drive and enthusiasm for the gym have faded. Not because I don’t like going because I do, but working out alone is a bit boring, plus when I am there I spend a lot of time being frustrated. I spend a proportion of the time, either waiting for equipment or trying to find it!

At the end of the month, I decided to take a week away from the gym to see if this would help bring that drive back. That, and the hope the gym will start to quiet down in April. We’ll see!

March’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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