Husbands dining out for an anniversary meal

Today is all about…October 2020

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October is Halloween month, but it is fair to say that it has been overshadowed by the whole of 2020!

As much as the pandemic has been its own horror story, I think it’s fair to say that the biggest monster of the year has to be the way the government has handled it!

Thought of the month: Lockdown 2.0

Come the end of October, it was announced that England was going back into Lockdown! I originally started to write a seperate blog but decided against it as it was stressing me out!

So, as we go into Lockdown 2.0, a small amount of the blame needs to be put on the people. However, full accountability is on the government’s pathetic handling of the whole thing.

When we went into the first lockdown, it was to curb the infection rates and prepare the country for possible peaks.

And as it transpires, Boris Johnson et al, have done fuck all but fill the pockets of their buddies!

While everyone has been in lockdown, our gates into the country were still open. With little checks, and people with the virus could and did enter.

Comedy of errors

To date, we still have very little structure for people leaving and entering. No proper checks or tests being done. Instead, Grant Shapps priority appears to be removing graffiti on the rail tracks!

We have boasted about our ‘world-beating’ track and trace system…which was basically run on an excel spreadsheet!

Since schools have re-opened, they are one of the highest percentage of infection rates in the country. The government’s response is that it’s vital for kids to go to school.

Yet, they were willing to shaft them by using a well-known flawed algorithm the reduced a large proportion of the students overall grades! And let’s not discuss, why a better infrastructure for online home-schooling wasn’t developed knowing that this was going to be with us for the rest of year.

Create a tier system, that’s designed to support their donors (Weatherspoons), and penalise everyone and yet not tackle the high risk areas (hospitals and schools).

The North South Divide

What the government has also done, is create a bigger divide between the North and South (Note: as I wrote this in December and not October, it does mean some of the information here is related to November and December)

  • Refusing to provide the relevant financial support (as there is no money)
  • When London needed to be placed into Tier 3, everywhere was placed into a Lockdown, and have now found money to re-implement the furlough scheme!
  • Coming out of Lockdown with the rates in Greater Manchester drastically dropping being placed back into Tier 3, but rates in London are increasing being placed into Tier 2! London has now been placed into Tier 3
  • State the mass testing (sorry community testing) is available to all areas in Tier 3, but Greater Manchester hasn’t had this yet. Then state that all schools in London are to be mass tested to prevent London being placed into Tier 3. Failed Schools in the North West never got that support!
  • When Greater Manchester went to Tier 3 it’s because we weren’t following the guidelines. It’s all out fault. Yet, London went to Tier 3 because of a new strain of Covid!

As much as I understand that this is unprecedented, and inexcusable mistakes have happened, and has created an absolute disaster of a situation!

And it’s become clear that Boris and chums are more interested to see how they can benefit from this , either themselves or for their friends. And how much they can manipulate the country.

The best way to describe this current government, is like a Wish purchase. On paper, looks fantastic and great value for money. In reality, looks nothing like the picture, breaks as soon as you’ve get it, and there is no chance of a refund!

Music is all about…Halloween

October is spooky season, and it’s a great time to re-watch Hocus Pocus again! Music wise, Halloween music can be best described mainly as ‘camptastic’!

So for this month’s music playlist, enjoy some of these camp tunes (and others):

This month’s highlights


The beginning of October is when the husby & I celebrate our wedding anniversary. This year will be out 6th.

To celebrate out anniversary, we like to have a meal out. Generally somewhere we haven’t been before.

Obviously this year, things are a little different. We wanted to show our support to our community. So we booked a table in the restaurant where we first met over 16 years ago. It seemed like a fitting way to celebrate.


At the end of last year/beginning of this, there was conversations happening, of possibly appearing in a calendar for 2021. Which I said I was up for.

Roll on a few months, when asked if I was still up for it, I was a little apprehensive. During the lockdown, I had put on a lot of weight, and I wasn’t feeling confident in myself.

So, I set myself a target to lose some weight by the time I needed to do the photoshoot. With the gyms now re-opened, I didn’t think it would be that difficult.

Guess what? I was wrong! With me watching what I ate, going to the gym 2-3 times a week, I lost NO weight!

Just to clarify, no weight change; no muscle percentage increase; no body fat reduction. I stayed the same weight. All that hard work, and fuck all changed!

But I committed myself to it, and continued with the shoot. And while I was nervous, the pics came out okay.

Granted, I look back and there is more that I could have done. And judgemental me, sees all my flaws.

As someone that goes on about body positivity, then doing something like this where I don’t have a ‘perfect’ body surely backs that up?

New Phone

Three years having my current phone, it felt like it was time to get an upgrade.

Obviously, I’ve stayed with Apple. Not because it’s the best phone on the market, technology wise. But personally, from a security and operating system perspective…it is!

I do love watching the Apple events, as they try and sell snow to the Eskimos!

I had to laugh, as they spent fucking ages selling the idea that 5G was new, and they invested it. But what makes it funnier is that there are eejits out there that would believe this!

Ironically, 5G is still not available in my area, so this ‘selling point’ is totally fucking pointless to me!

I was tempted to get the Pro version, but after watching the presentation I didn’t think they sold it to me. The only thing that felt different was the fact that it had some additional camera stuff.

When it came to ordering the phone, I was still tempted to order the Pro, but when it came to it neither the size or colour I wanted was available. So, I got the standard and saved a few hundred pounds in the process.

The new phone has arrived, and I’ve got to be honest. I really like it. Granted the design is like going back in time, but hey ho. The night mode, for the camera is the best that I have ever used. Some of the night photos (without the flash) are really clear, and doesn’t sometimes look like it’s as dark as it is.

Anygays, long story short, I got a new phone!

October’s ‘Today is all about’ photos:

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